Drysuit Repair

Your Drysuit is another integral part of your Life Support Equipment
and should be treated with care and serviced regularly.

Whether it be a new cuff or neck seal or a valve service we can help out with all of your Drysuit needs.
Whether this be a diving Drysuit or a surface Drysuit, we are here to help.

We can replace your neck and cuff seals whether that be latex or neoprene and we can also replace the
zip should this need to be carried out. One thing that is very often over-looked by divers is ensuring that
the inflator and dump vales are serviced and ready to do the job they were designed to do.

Drysuit Services offered by SCS are:

Pressure testing for leaks
Patching and leak repairs
Re-gluing tapes and seams
Replacement neck seals
Replacement cuff seals
Replacement zips
Replacement boots and socks
Fitting of inflator vales
Fitting of dump valves, both cuff and auto shoulder dumps
Servicing of all valves
Fitting P-valves

If you have a problem with your Drysuit or are not sure about something to do with your Drysuit, please give us a call.

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