BCD Servicing

Is your BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)
an important piece of Life Support Equipment?

It is in our eyes as it is with all manufacturers eyes. It is the item that will keep you afloat at the surface
should any mis-haps occur. The most important features that you should consider with your jacket are
the inflator and the dump valves. Do they work, do they do the job that they were designed to do?

A BCD service involves stripping all of the inflator and dump valves from the jacket. Any replaceable
parts (o-rings or filters etc) that should be replaced are set aside. All of the valves and the inflator are
then cleaned of salt and other debris that may prevent them from working. The inside of the bladder is
then cleaned with an anti-bacterial liquid that will ensure that the jacket is not full of germs.
After the jacket has been completely re-assembled it will then be fully inflated to confirm that it holds
air as it was designed to do.

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